The top reasons good tenants look for another rental property.

Are you struggling to find good tenants for your rental property? The rental market is highly competitive right now, especially since rising mortgage and interest rates are pushing some people away from purchasing a home. More quality rental properties are coming to our area, and it’s a huge draw for people. Quality properties attract quality tenants, so what can you do to make that happen? I want to share the top five reasons tenants look for other options and what you can do to avoid them.  

You can watch my full video above or use these timestamps to find specific topics:

0:00 — Introduction

1:42 — Poor communication

2.20 — Limited showing options

3:16 — Overpricing

4:30 — Poor advertising

5:17 — Lack of transparency

6:00 — Wrapping up

I know it can be tough to find good people to rent your properties, but if you avoid these five things, you are well on your way to getting great tenants. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email me. I look forward to hearing from you!