You need to look no further than us for your property management needs.

I wanted to talk today about property management and give you a refresher that ERA Heavener Realty and myself do property management, and we do it a lot. We’ve gotten a few calls recently as people are starting to see through this market transition. We’ve seen a lot of people inquire about what it would cost to rent their property and what comes with that service cost. So we’re going to break that down really quickly for you, but if you guys have any questions, I always have more information for you.

So the question that most people ask is: What’s the cost of property management? How much do you charge? A lot of people are percentage based, whether it be 5%, 7% or 10%. I’m not sure what those companies are doing for that 5% other than collecting rent, but either way, we are actually a flat-fee company. We charge $125 per month per door, and “door” is a slang term used in the property management industry. Whether it’s a condo, a home, or an apartment, that’s one door.

“What's the cost of property management?”

On top of that, we charge 50% of the first month’s lease. So basically, the leasing fee is 50%. That happens one time, and that is taken from the first month of rent. We don’t make any money until we rent out your unit. If we renew a client for another year, that’s a 25% charge, which is all included. There are no à la carte charges on top of those. It’s three charges: $125 monthly and 50% leasing fees. So, for example, if it’s a $2,000 house, we’ll take $1,000 the first month. That is paying for professional photos, lease preparation, and video walkthrough inspections. So we do all that stuff for you. We’re highly communicative with our tenants via our portals. We are a smaller company, but we have the same bells and whistles as all the big guys out there. So those are the three main charges.

I just listed a few of our services. If you know somebody who is looking for property management help, please call or email me. There are a lot of different companies out there that do it that way, but we are a very hands-on company—communicating with our tenants and clients as much as possible. Someone out there needs to rent their home. We’re here for them.